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Brick Or Paver Driveway Installation
This Brick Paver Driveway Was Installed By Prosperity Lawn & Landscape.

Brick Paver Driveway Construction
We build beautiful brick paver driveways

Do you want to replace an aging, cracked, or sunken concrete driveway with something fancier?  How about replacing that gravel driveway with something a little more modern and elegant? Brick or paving stone driveways a luxurious low-maintenance addition to any home or property greatly improving value and curb appeal and allowing for a nice place to park your vehicles.

Prosperity Lawn & Landscape is a local landscape construction company based out of Centreville Virginia and serving the Fairfax County area.  We specialize in designing and building new driveways and parking pads using decorative brick or permeable pavers.  Depending on your budget and design taste we offer a variety of brick paver styles, shapes, sizes and colors.  We can come up with a design that will complement your existing architecture and improve your curb appeal.

Brick and Paver Driveway Construction

  • Brick or paver driveway construction
  • Brick or paver parking pads or parking areas
  • Permeable paver driveway construction
  • Gravel driveway construction
  • Brick or paver driveway restoration and repair

Maintaining Your Brick Or Paver Driveway

Brick and stone pavers are excellent, low maintenance solutions for driveway construction but they will need periodic maintenance if you want them to look great for many years.

Keeping your brick paver driveway looking new usually starts with a good power washing of the surface using a proper surface cleaner.  It’s important to use a surface cleaner because it will evenly distribute the water pressure whereas a power washing nozzle can potentially damage or erode the brick with it’s concentrated pressure stream.  This process will remove all of the dirt and grime from the bricks and it’s also going to remove most, if not all of the sand and other debris that is in between the joints of the paving stones.

This sand must be replaced with either a regular landscaping type sand or you can replace it using polymeric sand (the better choice) and there are advantages and disadvantages to each option.

If you have a large, beautiful, brick or paving stone driveway and you care about it’s appearance then don’t choose regular sand.  You’ll be much happier with the results of polymeric sand, as described below.

Polymeric sand is a blend of properly graded fine sand and a binder compound (polymer) that is specially formulated for filling in the joints between bricks, pavers and natural stones for hardscapes such as driveways.  The polymeric sand will help prevent weeds from growing up between your pavers and insects from boring holes (like ants).

Choose Prosperity Lawn & Landscape For Your Brick Or Paver Driveway Construction

When you choose Prosperity Lawn & Landscape to construct your new brick paver driveway you are partnering with experienced professionals.  With extensive knowledge of the paver products we use and the methods we have available we can offer you a superior installation.

Our team has the knowledge and experience to make your driveway one of the best looking driveways in your neighborhood.  You can always expect knowledgeable, creative, design and construction services, and great communication from a company that cares about your driveways appearance and our local reputation in the community.

If you’d like to schedule a consultation for your new driveway installation then please give us a call (703) 901-1301 or fill out our online contact form and we’ll get back to you right away (usually the same day).

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