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Maintaining a well-manicured lawn can be time-consuming and labor-intensive – and not every homeowner has the time necessary for proper lawn maintenance. Save time, money, and effort with Prosperity Lawn & Landscape’s professional, full-service lawn care.

Our Comprehensive Lawn Care Program

No matter the size of your property, preserving its curbside appeal and utilizing proper sanitation methods can be a challenge. Don’t avoid it because you don’t have the time and know-how in proper lawn care. Schedule an appointment with us, and our experts will make sure that your lawn receives the proper care and maintenance it deserves.

Take a closer look at our six-part lawn treatment program:

  • In March, we utilize preemergent herbicide to prevent crabgrass from germinating and growing on your lawn. Afterward, we apply a balanced fertilizer to keep the soil fertile and spray broadleaf weeds to prevent them from further invading your lawn.
  • From April to May, we implement broadleaf weed control measures and administer a balanced fertilizer. We also spray broadleaf weeds to inhibit their growth.
  • From July to August, we use a slow release, balanced fertilizer to help the lawn endure and recover from drought stress. We spray broadleaf weeds again to keep them from flourishing.
  • From September to October, we repeat the steps taken in April and May. We engage in broadleaf weed control, apply a balanced fertilizer, and spray broadleaf weeds to curb their growth.
  • From November to December, we administer winterizer to your lawn — a late fall fertilizer that helps lawns prepare for winter.
  • From January to February, we apply lime to your lawn to help it recover from winter, restore balance to its pH level, and improve its color and density.

Effective Lawn Care Techniques

Aside from this six-part lawn treatment program, we also utilize other techniques to revitalize, repair, and maintain lawns. They include:

  • Grub Control
    Grubs are thick worm-like larvae that feed on the various root systems thriving in your yard. They attract moles, which will do anything to get their fill of grubs. The best way to avoid grub-induced lawn damage is to administer grub control. A single application is all it takes to get rid of the grub population thriving under your lawn.
  • Aeration and Overseeding
    Aeration involves mechanically removing plugs of soil to manage soil thatch and enhance the air and water circulation of your lawn. It minimizes soil compaction which improves turf density. Once the soil is aerated and primed for seeding, we spread high-quality fescue grass seeds throughout the entire lawn. Our aeration and overseeding procedures have two add-ons:

– Starter Fertilizer 
This is applied after aeration and overseeding. It adds nutrients to the soil, improving seed germination and enabling the new grass to grow thicker and better.

– Top Dressing 
This involves adding premium topsoil or compost mix to the bare spots of an aerated and overseeded lawn. The fresh layer of nutrient-rich soil gives the grass seeds optimal growing conditions and a stable environment to grow in.

  • Sod Installation
    Sod, also known as turf, refers to grass and the part of the soil underneath it that’s held together by its roots. Having fresh sod is crucial to growing and maintaining a healthy lawn. First, we use a commercial tiller to clear and till the area where you want to build the lawn. This also helps loosen the soil sufficiently. We mix premium topsoil or compost mix with the existing soil in our tiller. Then, we grade the area’s soil and install the sod carefully.

Let Us Take Care of Your Lawn

Trust Prosperity Lawn & Landscape with all your lawn care and maintenance needs. From getting rid of invasive weeds and repairing lawn inconsistencies to applying fertilizer and enhancing your lawn’s aesthetics, our experts will take care of everything. Call us today at 703.901.1301!

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